Critter Care
Companion, LLC
"For Creature Comfort" TM
The Critter Companion offers a broad range of services tailored
to meet your pets' needs.  Please also take a moment to view our
Critter Conduct page regarding service agreements, scheduling and payments.

Complimentary Consultation

Consultations are required for all new clients.  This 30 minute visit at no charge to
you allows us to become acquainted, meet your pets and discuss their needs, ask
questions, tour your home, set guest alarm codes if necessary and transfer keys.  
We also require all clients to fill out a contract which, among other important
things, leaves us with all your contact information and grants permission to take
your pets to the vet in case of an emergency.  

Daily Dog Walks

Each visit is approximately 30 minutes.  In cases where dogs are older, timid, or in
extreme weather their walk may be shortened.  However, they will still receive
personal time and attention inside the comfort of their own home with toys, petting,
and treats when permitted.  You will always be informed of what your dog was up
to that day --- whether it was barking at the UPS guy or just checking their "pee

Out of Town Visits

Dogs can require at least two regular visits a day (without a doggie door) and are
recommended with no more than twelve hours apart.  Visits may be adjusted
accordingly as to the number of animals or if you would like extra time spent with
your babies.  Cats must be seen every day, as with any other critter under our care.

Fresh water is always provided, we are pooper scooper compliant, and litter boxes
are always scooped.  We are happy to feed whatever wildlife you are tending to
(birds, squirrels, strays, etc.) at no additional charge.  There is no extra charge
given for any medicines that may need to be administered as well.

The Critter Companion also offers courtesy services of mail, package and paper
pick up, alternating lights if you do not have timers, and watering plants.

Overnight Stays

We sleep with dogs and cats!  For those not wishing to have their babies spend the
night alone, our overnight stays run approximately twelve hours (i.e. from 8 pm to 8
am) and all the usual services will be performed at that time.  Dogs will be walked
upon arrival and also before departure the next morning.  Dinner and/or breakfast
will be dispensed as well as kisses and pats on snoots and bottoms --- in that order!

Pet Taxi Transport

We will take your critters just about anywhere they need to go!  Sometimes it's a
joy ride; other times it may be to the vet for a check up or to the groomer for a
"do."  Regardless, they will be safe and secure going to and fro in our "CRIDR" car.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will not hesitate to contact us if
we may be of service.  
Professional In-Home Pet Care
Serving Dallas & The Park Cities
Proud Member of Pet
Sitters International
and the Proactive Pet
Sitters Association

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