Critter Comments
David Fink knows his pets are always in good company with
The Critter Companion. "Laura [Murchison], the owner, has
provided pet sitting services for me for years," Fink says.
"She's incredibly reliable and really cares about my dogs
and fish. The $20-per-visit fee is really great and it includes everything,
even when the animals are sick. I cannot say the number of times that Laura
has spent way too much time at the house cleaning up after doggie accidents
or destruction that weren't her fault. She always leaves a note about how
the 'babies' did while I was out of town. More recently, I had a very sickly
goldfish that nobody thought would live. When it died, Laura tried to give it
a burial in accord with my religious persuasion. I haven't used any other pet
sitting service in years."
From the "Pages of Happiness" on Angie's List, a place for members to
commend service companies' excellent work.  August 1, 2008
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