Critter Communique
Companion, LLC
"For Creature Comfort" TM
Laura Murchison began The Critter Companion in 2000 after going away on a
vacation and not being able to reach the person responsible for caring for
her pets.  That spurred a "what SHE would have done" attitude which led to
the formation of her beloved business.

Laura is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a degree in
broadcast journalism and a minor in Native American Indian studies.  She
has written two books and continues to free lance from time to time.

The two legged love of her life came along in 2005 and agreed to join the
madness when they were married in 2007.  Her husband Burk is a graduate
of the University of New Mexico and owns an errand and executive limousine
service called "Out and About."

The two live happily near White Rock Lake with Nashoba (pictured), some
bad cats always getting into something, two Texas Map turtles, a couple of
sweet little mice, a tank full of fish, and a koi pond which has just recently
spawned little frogs.  In addition they feed some of the fattest squirrels
and mourning doves to be found anywhere.  

Laura has always had a passion for animals and has fed or rescued a host of
critters during her childhood and continues to do so as an adult.  She has
been a vegetarian for over a decade and is dedicated in particular to the
plight of wolves --- supporting them in any way she is able.
Professional In-Home Pet Care
Serving Dallas & The Park Cities
Proud Member of Pet
Sitters International
and the Proactive Pet
Sitters Association

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